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Welcome to the 5th running of this wonderful event which goes from strength to strength.

With the realisation that many who see this run advertised think it might be a bit too long for them, I wanted to make it clearer, in this our fifth year, that all levels of endurance are welcome.  Due to the presence throughout, of the Southern Vectis coach and my support team, runners can drop in or out as they wish.  Indeed, one of the best things to happen last year was a novice girl runner who asked to do just the 4 mile leg but became so enthused she carried on to the finish ending up with her first ever 6.5 miler! So come on all you novices lets give it a go!! Remember it’s not a race.

For those of you who may wish to make the journey from the Mainland you would be made most welcome.  The Red Funnel Red Jet from Southampton makes this easy, as the start is only about 7 minutes walk away from the terminal and of course you will be coached back to this point after the event!

Warmest regards Rick Pearson

The Great NorthSouth R#n was started by Richard (P-Rick) Pearson in 2012

When I started this event it was my intention to only have it every other year, hence no run in 2013 but a lot of encouragement from a  combination of runners from Ryde Harriers and IOW Road Runners made me change my mind!!

It has become an event for hashers and road runners who just want a day away from PB’s, Racing and raising money for Charity. However, it still gives a really testing challenge and a unique chance to relax and chat to people who just love to run!

The Great North South R#n

The Great North South R#n

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