The Great NorthSouth R#n, 19th September 2015

by Charlotte Pacy

Charlotte PacySeptember 19th saw the third annual Great North to South R#n return with the promise of good company, amazing views and, of course, some drink! When Sally approached me with the entry form a few months ago I immediately said no, thinking it would be way too tough for me. However, after some mild coercion along with the inspiration from reading a book about an ultra runner, I decided I could put in some mileage before and give it a go. Life got in the way of my foolproof plan and the day crept up on me with the furthest I’d ran being a half marathon.

After a sleepy car journey to Cowes we were met by a group of people in blindingly bright t-shirts, getting lost in the morning fog certainly wouldn’t be a problem because, when stood together, we were emitting such a luminous aura, we were probably visible from space. There was a good turn out of Ryde Harriers; myself, Philippa, Sally, Rosie, Sam, Elaine, Zoe, Trevor x 2, Bridget, Karen and Pete. We were drilled on the rules and regulations of a hash run: follow the sawdust and arrows, sign in and out at each pub and don’t worry if anyone seems to be calling each other rude names because that’s their hash name (e.g. Swollen Colon).

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